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Morris & Co inspired Botanicals

Morris & Co inspired Botanicals

It's finally happened: Morris & Co. inspired embroidery kits!

With twisting vines, classic leaf motifs, and gorgeous colour combinations, these floral embroidery kits are a beautiful way to improve your embroidery technique.

Each of the botanical designs uses embroidery stitches such as Picot Stitch, Braided Chain Stitch, Colonials Knots, and Turkey Work.

These kits are more challenging than my other designs: they're ideal for anyone looking to expand their current embroidery skills, or who are fairly confident with a needle. As with all of my kits, there's photographic instructions for each new stitch, and lots of tips and advice to guide you along the way.

The kits are available in two options (and of course, they're matching!). The purple fabric is medium weight and sturdy; and the voile is delicate and semi-transparent - so a little more challenging to stitch on! As always, both fabrics are organic and ethically sourced.


Paraffle Note: these designs were inspired by the gorgeous wallpapers and designs produced by Morris & Co. Early in 2022, Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh asked me to host a workshop alongside their "Morris & Co. - The Art of Wallpaper" exhibition. Naturally, I saw this as a brilliant opportunity to develop a pair of new floral inspired embroidery kits! It took a fair bit of trial and error to produce these final pieces - but it was worth every bit of stitch unripping!

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